Type like no-one’s watching

Finally, the peace of mind to speak and act freely online. Our decentralised information and communication platform means nobody owns you. You choose who you want to connect with. And you decide how much of yourself you want to share.

User Profile

Manage your personal information and identity.

Token Wallet

Store any ERC20 tokens in one place. Purchase and trade with a single click.


Confidential voice, video calling and messaging. You can also take payments for your communications.

Connected Applications

Access other DApps in one place through your connected app directory.

Address Book

Safely store your contacts and connected apps in the Sylo Protocol.

Decentralised Storage

Full visibility of your data and connected app data.

Hi I'm waiting outside you want to let me in? 😂
Coming!! 😆


There is no Big Brother

You own your words. With Sylo, nobody but you and your intended recipient can access a private message. This means:

  • Secure Communications
  • Secure Storage
  • You Own Yourself, Online

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Spend tokens in the real world

Soon you will be able to spend SYLOs at POS terminals in the real world and at checkout when you purchase goods and service online. Sylo and CentraPay have some exciting announcements coming soon.

  • Pay at POS in the real world
  • Spend SYLOs at checkout online
  • Use SYLOs with connected applications


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Your dashboard, your way

Who you keep in touch with is up to you. You might think having easy access to certain businesses or services will add value, and choose to opt-in to communications with them. Or not. It’s all about putting you in the driving seat.

  • Talk securely to selected brands
  • Secure transfer of sensitive information
  • All your trusted DApps in one place

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