The Sylo Network
Run by anyone,
not one big company
The Sylo Network is a decentralised communication and storage network with the performance and scalability to support millions of users. Applications use the network for decentralised, private communication, storage, and micro-payments.
Instead of centralised cloud server infrastructure, Sylo users create the decentralised Sylo Network together by running Sylo Node software on their own computers. By running a Sylo Node, users earn Sylo Token in exchange for their device automatically providing critical services to the network.
The Sylo community is providing the world with what large centralised platforms have been unwilling to - real privacy and a level playing field.
True Privacy Respect
End-to-end encrypted and p2p
All messages, voice calls, video calls and file transfers on the Sylo Platform are end-to-end encrypted which means only you and your intended recipients can see the content of what is sent.
Sylo uses the Signal Protocol for chat messages for 'forward secrecy' which means even if one message is compromised nothing else is - each message is encrypted with new keys.
The Sylo Network is built to enable users devices to connect directly (peer to peer) whenever possible which means there is no middle man other than the global internet infrastructure needed to send data.
Sylo Nodes exist to help users connect directly, store encrypted data (they cannot read it) when a user is sent something while they are offline, and will relay encrypted channels when a users device is in a restricted networking environment (most common when using mobile internet).
Sylo Encryption details
Incentivised Distributed infrastructure
No central point of failure or data collection
Sylo community members can choose to run Sylo Nodes. Sylo Node operators stake Sylo Tokens as collateral to ensure that they act honestly and fairly. The act of staking then announces their presence as infrastructure contributors to the network.
Without any further user action, their device begins to serve the Sylo Protocol, helping users connect directly (p2p), share privately, host files, and run dApps, all for Sylo Token micro-payments.
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Limitlessly scalable payments
'Layer-two' micro-payment system
Sylo offers a 'layer-two' (off blockchain) probabilistic micro-payments system to enable an ecosystem of micro-services.
Using this system, apps and users pay Sylo Nodes for their work with Sylo Token-backed 'tickets.'
Micro-services are paid for with off-chain ‘tickets,’ providing very low transaction fees and limitlessly scalable transaction volume.
Each ticket has a verifiable chance of winning a prize of staked Sylo Tokens. While any ticket is accepted as payment, only winning tickets are redeemed on-chain.
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Use cases
The Sylo Network is used to run privacy-preserving applications, enabled by Sylo Nodes who are paid in peer-to-peer micro-payments. Choose a protocol to enable your idea or build your own.
Decentralised, privacy-preserving communication applications utilising the Authentication, Inboxing and Relay micro-services provided by Sylo Nodes. This functionality is in use within the Sylo Smart Wallet.
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Competitive with centralised cloud storage providers, yet fully private and with market-driven pricing, this service is delivered at cost, with no middlemen. This is a use case currently in development.
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Sylo Token Micro-payments
The Sylo Token enables micro-payments for a range of future use-cases. Help us develop further micro-payment protocols to drive a fairer, more open internet.
Video Streaming
PPC Advertising
Relays and VPS
Build your own
Develop your own decentralised communication, storage or micro-payment application for you or your business.