Run a Sylo Node and earn
Run a Sylo Node to easily contribute to the Sylo Network while earning micro-payments of the Sylo Token.
Your Sylo Node will automatically help Sylo users to connect, chat, call, and use dApps in a truly private, fully decentralised way.
Sylo Nodes will be released for community operation in Q3 2020.
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How it works
A Sylo Node is an application suite that you can run at home on any computer that is on 24/7. You can also run a Sylo Node on your own cloud server. Your Sylo Node contributes to the Sylo Network and earns Sylo Token for doing so.
To run a Sylo Node, operators stake Sylo Token via the Sylo Smart Wallet. This acts as collateral to ensure that they behave honestly and fairly. The act of staking then announces their Sylo Node’s presence as an infrastructure contributor.
Without any further user action, the Sylo Node begins to serve the Sylo Protocol, helping users connect directly (p2p), share privately, host files, and run dApps, all in exchange for Sylo Token payments.
Sylo Token payments in exchange for your Sylo Node’s contribution to the Sylo Network are paid through a scalable off-chain micro-payment ticketing system.
Your Sylo Node assists with:
  • Signalling to help devices find and connect directly (p2p) to each other.
  • Relaying data for users under 'secure NAT' network conditions, like devices using mobile networks.
  • Enabling continuous access by holding an encrypted inbox for when users are offline but are sent messages and data.
  • Decentralised file storage and replication.
  • Communicating with official Sylo iOS and Android notification servers to send users notifications when they receive messages and payments.
  • Hosting and serving dApps running on the Sylo Network.
  • Earning Sylo Token payments in exchange for your help!
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