Sylo Protocol

The Sylo Protocol acts as the confidential networking layer for all integrated decentralised applications, creating peer-to-peer (P2P) connections and providing an efficient way for users to interact and exchange data confidentially over the network. The Sylo Protocol consists of client-side APIs and services that allow Connected Applications to confidentially perform communication functions with other users on the network.

Blockchain signalling

Enabling reliable communications

Sylo Signalling will be a decentralised service run by resources on the Sylo Network. Sylo Signalling will provide the ability for peers to connect and is used to send messages and connectivity requests to enable reliable communication. Sylo Signalling Nodes will be remunerated in SYLOs in exchange for providing this service to the network.

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Decentralised storage

Sylo Storage

Sylo Storage will be a decentralised network of storage resources that will be utilised by Connected Applications and users on the Sylo Network in exchange for SYLOs. Sylo Storage will append user details (when appropriate) to specific content such that users of Connected Applications retain ownership of all of their decentralised information. Full transparency of saved data can be provided to the users of Connected Applications.

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DAPP life

Be a part of the decentralised
application community

The Sylo Protocol enables decentralised apps to integrate and communicate safely with each other. The Sylo App is the hub of this ecosystem, allowing users to easily interact with numerous DApps, and allowing businesses to benefit from being involved in our decentralised community.

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